To connect local gardeners of all levels who wish to trade, sell or donate plants and share useful information, also to help promote best practices in our community for environmentally sound gardening and landscaping techniques.

Simply sign in with your email address agree to the terms and conditions of service and click on “post new plant”. Here you will be able to choose if it is to be traded, sold or donated and specify the type of plant and its specific attributes like annual or perennial, hardiness zone, etc. You will also be able to post pictures and a general description.

Anything that is pathogen and disease free. If it is invasive or regulated it would help to note it should be contained. Do not post anything that is prohibited in your locality

Yes, to trade or donate. There will be a small fee per listing or a subscription fee to post plants for sale. The fees will help offset the cost of maintaining the website. It is an upfront fee that is non-refundable.

Click on get paid posts on the top right of the green navigation bar and purchase paid postings.

Credit card charges are processed through Stripe, a secure internet payment platform.

Postings will be deleted every two weeks. For now there is a limit of 5 plants per week with a maximum of 3 photos per plant. This will be revised when we get a handle on the amount of traffic and database storage costs.

You are able to choose your contact method - email, text or both which will be visible to members who are signed in.

This will be decided by you and the other party. Common sense measures like meeting in a public place or leaving items on the property edge (where permitted) should be considered.

Mozilla Firefox + Google Chrome (sorry folks not Internet Explorer)

  • Video’s by various experts.
  • An event calendar to easily post your event or those that might be of interest to the community.
  • Monthly contest for photo of the month with a prize for the top photo.
  • Enhanced subscriber service with access to advance notice for a “wish list” section and free “for sale” postings.
  • Any recommendations by subscribers that will enhance the fun and functionality of the site going forward.
  • Trading and selling garden related products.